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Playstation Network down for the 12th day!

Well if you haven’t heard of this. Playstation Network was shut down on April 20th. Gamers who thought this problem of maintenance who be fixed in a few hours, turned off their systems and went to do something else. Turns out this ‘maintenance’ turned out to be 13 days for these gamers. Sony has recently said that they will open back online tomorrow the 3rd of May. Well that’s the basic live story from Sony, but if we go back to see what happened we can see why.

Sony was hacked several days before the initial day that the news was spread around. When they were hacked. The hacker seemed to have get credit card information of 70 million people. The hacker was able to get personal information from PSN accounts, passwords, and also credit card numbers and other processing information from the cards. This was a hole in Sony’s wall. Millions of people were suing Sony like crazy. Sony had lost a lot of money and in further due, they had completely shut down the Playstation Network to prevent any other issues. Although gamers and other people were very disappointed,  Sony had a job to do. They had to find out who did this and then grab the information back from them.

Sony had lost a lot of it’s reviews on security and now barely any people trust the company. Sony tried to persuade people that the problem would be fixed, but I really don’t think that worked. To save their butts Sony had sent out news saying that all their info. on the users were encrypted so that the hacker (or unauthorized person) would be unable to view the information. Really Sony? Did you have to make up such an awful lie? Now people hate you even more. Nice going. Such an awful lie, wow.

Sony had said to improve their firewall and security from hackers by trying to keep higher surveillance and have programs to check the Playstation Network. With this I guess people could be convinced. Just hope that the programs aren’t going to be hacked. Sony has said to open back the Playstation Network up tomorrow so, for all you gamers and addicts. Tomorrow should be a party at your house for you Call of Duty: Black Ops. But remember when the Playstation Network opens back up tomorrow, don’t forget that you should change your password immediately!

Don’t take the word that it will certainly open back up tomorrow. With a big breach like this it may take a while for Sony to open back the PSN up. If it still doesn’t work then Sony has found another problem or another idea etc. After this big of a hack the date of when it will open back up can’t be confirmed for sure. I’m a big PSN fan, so I will also being await for this information. I’ll update this article if the PSN opens back up, so stay tuned.