This is the news page where all the updates on the webpage etc. will come here.


I’m now accepting people who would like to write articles on Technology with me. But you must keep consistent and write maximum one article each day. You must vow to do that or else a suspension or ban will take place. Articles must be appropriate for readers and you must have a WordPress account. I have planned to have a small team of 10 or 12. No more will be accepted.


People who want to write an article can, and it will be allowed to be in the blog tab i’m going to add or the news page. Either one you can choose.

Visit another site of mine where my programming is publicized.


This website will be closed down for a while due to my vacation so from about June 4th to somewhere in August, posts will be rare due to my vacation. If anyone would like to write articles in that time then you are welcome to just leave a comment below and that will be it. Thanks! Also we have updated the themes and other stuff so it will look really cool!


We have finally reached a point of 16,000 views on our website. Don’t believe me? Check out hit counter (views widget) on the side page!


17,000 views and counting. This is just great. Thanks for all the support. Posts will now come once a week and small exclusive look ups will come at least within a day.


We have changed, and updated our theme! It is pretty simple for people to come and use. Kind of like a newspaper with everything so basic.


I had made a few arrangements on the website a few times and now I have moved back to the original, and my blog has finally hit the 40th post!! I have now also made up to 18,000 views for my blog within a few months. Thank you for all the support!


I am now planning to move this website to a different url, and completely move out of to using program and setting up the website. It is still under construction and should be opened in a while. Sorry for all the missed posts. I wasn’t having any time at all this week to actually write anything.


I have constructed a new forum site for wordpress users to go and comment to various topics and write various topics that is related in technology. Here is the URL link for you to go to the forum:

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