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Technology: The new Nintendo 3DS!

The latest new gadget for the future has finally arrived. Predicted to be the greatest handheld game console of all time the new Nintendo 3DS has players perched for the arrival of it’s new games. Though pricey, Nintendo pulled off a great idea once again to grab people on a look of the new gaming system. Is this really that good though? Having 3D view in glasses is quite interesting, but now without any glasses? What on earth is going to happen to our eyes. Though the cons can be that is quite pricey, but now the Health problem comes in priority. Kids under the age of 6 cannot use this game system due to eye development. Which means if your <6 then no 3DS for you! More glasses is another result. After the release of the 3DS, companies have planned release for games soon.

The new game system that might make history in all of technology has a price of $250! People could rather bye a Playstation 3 game console for that price off of Ebay!  The new 3D interface will make it much, much more fun to use other than just playing games. Nintendo has made a brilliant idea with the user interaction to make it much more user friendly for people to use. Again every new system has some problems. Here’s a major one. The 3DS has 3-5 hours of 3D game play, while the DSi has 9-14 and the DS Lite has 14-19 hours of game play. If you ever get bored on the airplane bring you 3DS in which it has plenty of thing to do, with better camera and customizable Mii’s just like using the Nintendo Wii, but portable and better. But just don’t forget one thing on the plane… you’re charger in which there are outlets in the restrooms from my experience on Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Delta (never go on Delta!!!). If you ever feel left out without the 3DS, trust me… there’s no point of having a $250 game console that only allows 3-5 hours of game play. That is the worst amount of hour game play I have ever seen in my entire life. Though the 3DS is really fun especially without the glasses. But $250 is worth to play 3D games (other than battery) without glasses, and with top notch gaming.

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