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Tiny Pocketbots Are Not Your Children’s Toy!

When our US military ever came up with the idea of having robots to do all the dangerous stuff, we took it seriously. Maybe way to serious. We had huge robots that messed up and when it flipped over. MISSION ABORTED. The main problem: the weight. You really won’t want to carry around a 50 pound robot and tossing it through windows and running away to get set up for the robot mission. I mean, come on man! That’s just a burden that you carry (literally) on your back.

The US military has finally developed something new. The new Pocketbots or called the iRobot 110. This new robot is just a start in the advances of our military and in the advances of technology. Don’t worry this robot doesn’t shoot you down with missiles and have huge alarms. This is just short and sweet. This is a robot that has great grip, can go on hard terrain and pass through all sorts of  obstacles. If it falls upside down, it just pushes itself back up. Here we go. Ready for this?

The army has planned to use 3,500 to 5,000 of these “toys” for use in battlefields and other rough and tough missions that have great danger towards human lives. How? he basic principle is to use this little robot to be tossed into a building and search through it before a soldier breaks through the door and watches out for any treacherous people or things. Precautions will also be shown with the camera on the micro machine. If theses work perfectly, the US army could have a perfect place for this little bugger.

This little machine is planned to be equipped with ever soldier so they can take an extra precautionary to know what’s coming for them when we bring out the bring guns at the battlefield. The video on top explains about this pocketbot and some examples in what situation this is used in.

Remember kids, this isn’t a simple remote controlled car you can use to play around. This is something that you probably don’t want to use. If you want it, then get a LEGO Mindstorm for it. This isn’t your everyday day children’s toy.

Exclusive: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and now Jupiter. It’s the new Juno probe. The next space mission to Jupiter.

There was once the biggest project that NASA funded to get more information on Pluto. That’s old school. We are now looking at something else bigger. I mean literally it’s bigger in size and it’s bigger in Science.  Here’s the biggest challenge though. How to build a probe that can withstand one planet’s greatest threats. The Juno probe is the next step in science and engineering.

The Atlas V rocket carrying Juno was launched on August 5th, 2011 and is now looking forward in meeting our our friend, Jupiter. The mission has already been launched at Kennedy Space Center, and all the NASA officials are scrunching their eyes towards large computer screens showing a plethora of information, 24/7. Recording information on paper, phones, or anything that they appear to have in hand. Watching and watching every single day for a small sight of Jupiter.

Carefully engineered by NASA scientists. The Juno spacecraft was a project that had a budget of $1.1 billion. With careful scientist, resources were used properly and had a bill of $700 million. The Juno spacecraft was named after the Roman god Jupiter’s wife, so you can see the big connection. This space probe was launched with the Atlas V rocket that was designed in a special way to withstand the harsh radiation out in space. The probe is around 4,000 kg, including all the equipment that was added on top of the probe.

Now on the specifications on the project: The Juno probe is expected to reach into Jupiter’s orbit around July 4th, 2016, and in the beginning stages of the transport it will run on kerosene and liquid oxygen to give it some boosts. After that Juno will have to run on solar panels to get the lithium ion batteries charged for the big project. I guess that day we’ll have 2 celebrations, Independence Day and Jupiter Day. A wait that will take 4 years really isn’t that long compared to our Pluto project that will reach Pluto in 2015. After Juno reaches the orbit, Juno will have to stay at least 2,672 miles away from Jupiter to prevent being sucked in by it’s gravity immediately. Juno and the Atlas V rocket will have to stay in the outer orbit. 33 orbits around Jupiter and we just pray that the probe won’t be pulled in completely into Jupiter’s orbit and be crushed like a pancake. 1 more year of orbit. Why? Well each one of the orbits take 11 days. So, you can do the math. 33 x 11 = 363. That’s more than a year. The project is planned to conclude on October 2017 and the probe is planned to be sucked into the orbit of Jupiter and be destroyed or eliminated if you don’t want to say it that harsh.

Watch video:

The Juno probe has basic goals and some of them are to observe Jupiter’s  gravity field, magnetic field , and polar magnetosphere. Juno will also be looking at the physical features of the planet and is ready to get information in which if Jupiter has a rocky core and see how fast and other information on Jupiter’s wind. The increasing wind speeds and severe hurricanes of Jupiter make it interesting to know more on it and Juno has instruments to record that information too. Juno and the NASA scientists will be keeping a eye on Jupiter for any signs of water at all. Though one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa has evidence of having salt water, which is a step closer to evidence of extra-terrestrial life. After all these objectives that Juno has to complete, it will begin to get more into Jupiter’s orbit and then eventually get sucked into it’s orbit, and you know the basic process, it gets crushed like a pancake, again.

Atlas V, the rocket carrying Juno will make history as it approaches Jupiter which is just a next step in the mysteries and unknown of the deep, dark abyss of the space that is unknown.

Fun Fact: On board on Juno, there’s 3 LEGO mini figures that are taped to the probe to represent Galileo, Jupiter, and his wife Juno. These LEGO pieces were made out of aluminum to prevent radiation damage and the survive the outer space. There is also a plaque that gives dedication to Galileo on his discovery of the planet Jupiter. These 2 facts are pretty cool.

I Command You to Do As I Do!

I’ve always dreamed of those robot characters in Zathura to actually think on their own. To me robots are just retarded space equipment, because they do what you do. To tell the truth thinking on your own is not that easy when you go to your brain. You have nerves and brain cells floating around and doing stuff. Back to the future kiddo, we’re not with Frankenstein anymore!

This idea is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you’ve played game like Halo and other sci-fi games then AI bots should be familiar to you. They are robots that can command and do things that whatever they want to do. It’s not that simple when you think about artificial intelligence. How do you make a person think in different perspective. You can’t code all the things in the world in a zeta byte or terabyte. There are so many things to learn in the world and you can’t program it all to one memory chip. To have AI, you need to see the secret behind how we think, how we talk, and how we learn. All the problems in this should be solved easily when you have the idea of what’s going around in your brain. You can’t copy the exact same blueprint of the brain and construct your own. The brain has billions of little cells that have a mind of their own to perform specific tasks. I have ideas on how to figure some of this stuff out. 1st thing that comes in mind is an autopsy. This way we can find some parts of the brain that we have never hear a and seen. What we can do after that is then figure out what it functions. For that we’ll need a volunteer. But in this same idea. We may have found all the parts in the brain and may not be able to zoom in microscopic size to see everything that we may need to see.

The big big problem that we are concerned about is the obvious. It’s the money. How much money would we spend for this big project? Would it be worth it? Will we get any progress? All we can do so far is just to program robots. ASIMO was probably the biggest step in this generation with a robot that has it’s own cameras to determine what to do, where it is and send functions up to is brain to see how. To see how. That is a big step. If we can get an AI chip to get working. To see how, we’ll be able to create a robot that will be able to learn and think on it’s own. Military could use these robots to protect the people. Just imagine how useful this could be. But more robots could mean more power. If someone got the hands on the robot and changed it’s system they could do anything they could ever imagine with the robot. I don’t think that would be good, so that’s definitely off of the list.

If you see this photo, you’ll laugh and be amazed at the same time. ASIMO has a short battery supply can can do various tasks and play sports.

Now Toyota is in the business of robotics. They have recently developed a robot that can carry people around when you speak to it and they have developed another robot that actually play the violin.

Robots and AI have been a big idea, to do things that you want it to do, or to do as I command. Simple as it is, robots and AI are definitely the future for us.

-Karthik Velayutham


Robots: The Robotic Swiss Quadrocopters

Have you ever used this Air Hogs toys? The ones that can float around when you place your hands. Those are pretty cool right? I’ve used those before and I guess my favorite one was the one that had a camera on it. You could fly around without people noticing and take a video or a snapshot. The disadvantages on those are that they have limited altitude. So you can’t be a James Bond or Alex Rider with all the cool gadget used for spying. Introducing the Robotic Swiss Quadrocopters. ETH Zurich Flying Machine Area had used the idea of embedding some tennis rackets on these robots and to allow them to have a tennis match.

You can watch the video below.

You can notice that these robots are competitive in one another to be the “best robot” in this tennis match. You can also see an impressive juggle by these robots.

Go to: for more info.