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An image of gameplay on Solipskier iOS.

For $0.99, Solipskier isn’t bad at all. Solipskier a game created and developed by Mikengreg. It’s a pretty nice game and I got it yesterday off the App store for my iPod touch. It actually seemed pretty cool on the computer and the iOS version just seemed to be better.

Solipskier is a simple game in which you’re a skier and you have to create slopes and ramps for you to jump off of them and do all sorts of stunts in the air. There are a gates that show some notifications on when they will pop up , and give you extra points if you pass through them. In the beginning, you will have some headphones with music, and when you get faster and faster, then you will eventually lose the headphones and keep skiing. If you want to play it online here’s the link :

The tunnels, that are part of the game gives you a lot of points when you dash through every single one picking up more and more speed. Solipskier has some cool graphics too. When you get faster and faster and start to do amazing tricks you’ll start to pick-up a rainbow , and if you keep doing tricks you’ll have the rainbow and when you lose it you’ll get a ton of points. Trust me I have seen highscores before, 75 billion. Wow, that’s a lot of work.

Solipskier is currently on a 66% sale on the App store, so all people with iOS devices should get Solipskier before it’s too late! If you’re one of those people who get bored a lot, I think Solipskier is an app that you could use to kill time. I guess you could say it’s a better Line Rider. So get Solipskier while you can.

MW3: Modern Warfare 3! AR3 YOU R3ADY?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s recent poster for the promotion of the game.

The biggest Call of Duty franchise has once again done it. It’s new hit sequel to it’s blockbuster Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warefare 3, will be the next big thing for all gamers. I’m predicting that this will probably become the greatest game to make a record to beat Call of Duty: Black Ops. Modern Warfare 3 is now ready for all sorts of action packed fun and everyone is ready for it.

As said later last week, Activision and Infinity Ward sent out news for pre-orders for the new games. Within the next day already half the country had pre-ordered the game. That was fast. Not much people are ready to pre-order the game until the game really comes out on November 8th, 2011, and when reviews are to be released for the game. Everyone is just waiting and waiting until the game finally comes out.

This isn’t the best part of just the game. Activision had taken it another step. Check out Call of Duty: Elite. An online game service to check maps, guns , and everything else. Right know it’s in the beta testing mode so don’t get too excited about it. You can currently go and check this out at It is a really cool beta and has some really great features along with the game too.

MW3 is also coming with some more action packed features to feed off of Modern Warfare 2. Here you’re in the situation of a the same person from MW2 (forgot his name), but here you’re in the situation of a big war where USA is involved of being bombed in some of it’s cities. Germany, France, and England are in the stage of war. That’s pretty much all the teasers and trailers tell us. There’s nothing else we know from this game. Get ready guys for a ride that will take you into some deep, deep, addicting gaming for probably the rest of your year.


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Sony plans to open PlayStation Store May 24th

Sony has recently planned to open the PlayStation Store today. They have said to have opened it, yet I have not checked whether they really have done it.

PlayStation Network was down since April 20th due to recent security breaches into it’s major PSN network. They had shut down all systems of the PSN and had opened the online gameplay but the store hadn’t opened yet. They had gave news out that it would be open by today. I don’t know so I can’t tell you for sure that it will be open.

Sony had lost about  $171 million dollars in the security breach and is currently recovering from it. They had reassured that all the systems would be back up and just working fine.

After the breach and when they opened up part of it’s online gaming services, Sony had promised that once they had fixed the store that they would give 30 free days of PlayStation Plus access and would allow you to select 2 games for free from this list of games: LittleBigPlanet, Wipeout HD, Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty, and Dead Nation. You can select only 2 and remember that.

All the other games that were planned to release on the weeks of the outage will now be postponed to a different day where then the games will be released accordingly.

Will you still use PSN even after so many days of outage?

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PSN Network: 5/15/11: PSN NETWORK IS BACK UP!

PSN Network is finally back up after a month of no online gaming or online services.

PSN Network is finally back up! After a month gamers around the world were waiting for this moment. Planned to open up on the 31st, Sony had maybe fixed the problem earlier and was able to open the PSN Network, live and running. I haven’t really tried it out yet but Sony claims that they had opened back PSN Network. PSN Network might be opened up but some things have been limited to gamers across the United States. The new update has also required for you to change your password. In addition to online gameplay, the update brings back video rental playback, Music Unlimited on Qriocity, Netflix/Hulu access, Friends Lists, chat, Trophy comparison and PlayStation Home.

It’s like finally the PSN Network is back up. Network services have opened up so Black Ops for sure will be available online as of today. Though if you had any important personal information on the PSN Network, giving it the most complex password won’t do any good if the network service are hacked again.

After all many people did stick with the PSN Network even though the hack had made some big holes in our security. Still the Playstation Network probably had the best services for it’s players and also many other things.

Don’t forget Sony made a promise to give 1 month free for Playstation Plus services and other things. I wonder if they will keep their promise in this time. Now I can finally play some video games and I can also watch my Netflix stuff. It’s been almost forever since I had played my PS3. Still It’s kinda weird that the Playstation Network is what people usually want. I mean after all most people stopped playing just because the PSN Network was down. Still, who did it?

PSN Network: Newest Update! Opening up on May 31st!

Well if you haven’t heard, PSN Network is still down and it had been down for a few weeks starting from April 16-17th. Well lets see who would do it. If you guys have heard of geohot, the greatest hacker who jailbroke the iPod touch and the PS3, he was under lawsuit for hacking the PS3. Wha-bam! Right there the hackers could have gotten the opportunity to hack into the Playstation Network. With all of Sony faced on the lawsuit the hackers got to get access into easy hacking on the PSN Network. Don’t take every word I said because this is just my hypothesis.

Recent update: So far Sony hasn’t really sent out an update when they’ll come back up since this was one of the worst cyber attacks in history. Well Sony deserves this. You sue a guy for jailbreaking your PS3  and you sue him. He didn’t really do anything illegal, he just let you run 3rd party applications basically just like the iPod touch/iPhone 4 ,but Apple didn’t sue him did they? Honestly you can’t sue anyone when they don’t do anything like hack the PSN Network.

5/11/11 UPDATE!: Sony recently just announced that they will open PSN Network back up on May 31st. They apologize for this big crash and have promised to give free Playstation Plus services free for 30 days or more! They have also promised 2-3 games that they will give to you when they open back up on the 31st of May. They  have found the security breach and have believed that Anonymous had planned this type of cyber attack to Sony’s biggest systems. Anonymous has denied the attack but Sony refuses to hear anything like that. This may be a brink of a cyber war between the boom boom company to the small team of hackers known as Anonymous.

You can make a decision. People have already started to quit using PS3 and have traded them for XBOX 360’s and other things so they can keep up with their gaming. Now will you continue to use the PS3 which has already lost a lot of trust or will you continue to give up on the PS3 and go with something else? (Well if you ask me, I’m sticking with the PS3 because I want a bunch of free stuff for a really long time! I’m going to take up all my 180 GB with Playstation Plus stuff!)

PSN Network Exclusive: Who Did It? What’s Next for Sony and other Companies?

Sony is currently fixing the problem for the security breach so all you gamers don’t worry. It’s coming up soon ,but not anytime  soon. Here’s the main question. Who did it? Who planned this secret cyber attack against Sony? This can be stated as computer terrorism in my notion. Who would do it? Well in latest news officials have found some people who might be involved in this type of case or can be known as ‘Anonymous’ pretty typical for a hacker. The group denied the hacking for Sony ,but Sony doesn’t want to believe it. People say that the breach could have been done when GeoHot hacked into the PS3 and jailbroke it. That is pretty tactical, using GeoHot as  a distraction and then just hacked into the Playstation Network. That’s cunning and clever at the same time. The group or known as ‘Anonymous’ says that they had nothing to do with this and protest against the accusations against them.

Sony’s recent news on the Playstation Network is that it’s still under maintenance. Well I kinda wonder how long that is going to take because I’ve been waiting half a month to get some new demos and play Black Ops or 2K 11 on my PS3. Every time I log in, the top always says that an error occurred and I was signed out of PSN. ‘Sigh’, how long is this going to take to fix this. Sony just sue that group and do something. Just open up the PSN. Sometimes I now wonder whether if Sony should make a trophy saying, “Great Job! You survived half a month of no PSN!”. Wow. That’s pretty sad. But guys don’t worry PSN Network will open up in no time. You shouldn’t worry about any more problems and you should enjoy you’re 30+ days of Playstation Plus and other premium and exclusive stuff for free.

Now that Sony has been hacked out of it’s guts, what’s next for other companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and even banks? Now that people can hack into PSN and get credit card info. Will banks also be a target? Money can be hacked into and be transfered out of the bank. What about iTunes that best music electronic seller. iTunes has invested Apple millions and millions of dollars. What is going to happen to them? Will they even get the same problem. This is like an alert for all the companies out there to start improving security into ways that computers can’t hack them only personally. For all gives, companies should completely change their security so that the hackers will have a hard time hacking into anything else. Companies like Microsoft need to put big barriers across their company because remember. Xbox Live is powered from Microsoft. If this is attacked next then I guess pretty much most of the gaming will be gone except the Nintendo Store with the Wii which will probably be next. Alert to all companies, change your security before online gaming becomes extinct!!

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PSN Network Service Not Coming Any Time Soon!

Sony had finally announced that they wouldn’t open the Playstation Network any sooner. Sony admits the hack had taken a lot of credit card information and other personal information of users. The counter is ticking up as more credit card information is being taken by the hackers. The unknown hackers had supposedly hacked into the Playstation Network with unauthorized information which breached into the network and all information was spilled out like water rushing from a broken dam. Sony assures that nothing that bad will happen but still advises all users who gave credit card information to shut down their credit cards. Though most people have done so, personal information has also been leaked which can give away social security numbers and other things.

Sony announced that they would still not open the Playstation Network until the problem had been fixed, who did it, and fix the infrastructure of the PSN. Many players have still been upset after this happening and have been suing Sony, which is a loss of billions and billions of dollars for Sony. Check the stocks for Sony. I assure you that they won’t be even good.

As of today Sony had announced on the Playstation Blog that they had started the restoration and will take a while. With the network infrastructure still at fix the fix will probably take a while. Sony had previously announced that they would open up again on the 3rd of May, but with more information being stolen, Sony had to shut down and work on the problem again. To my estimate it will probably take a week, and right now I’m dying to play Black Ops online so I’m also waiting for some new updates on the Playstation Network.

Sony had also decided to give free stuff during this period to users who use the Playstation Network. After the PSN opens back up, users will be able to get free 30 days of Playstation Plus service and more premium service for about a month. So now you have to decide on what to do with that. Latest news says that Sony won’t open up any soon even with engineers working on it 24/7 for us.

You can vote on this poll on what you will do. Will you continue to use the Playstation Network or will you just ditch it?

Playstation Network down for the 12th day!

Well if you haven’t heard of this. Playstation Network was shut down on April 20th. Gamers who thought this problem of maintenance who be fixed in a few hours, turned off their systems and went to do something else. Turns out this ‘maintenance’ turned out to be 13 days for these gamers. Sony has recently said that they will open back online tomorrow the 3rd of May. Well that’s the basic live story from Sony, but if we go back to see what happened we can see why.

Sony was hacked several days before the initial day that the news was spread around. When they were hacked. The hacker seemed to have get credit card information of 70 million people. The hacker was able to get personal information from PSN accounts, passwords, and also credit card numbers and other processing information from the cards. This was a hole in Sony’s wall. Millions of people were suing Sony like crazy. Sony had lost a lot of money and in further due, they had completely shut down the Playstation Network to prevent any other issues. Although gamers and other people were very disappointed,  Sony had a job to do. They had to find out who did this and then grab the information back from them.

Sony had lost a lot of it’s reviews on security and now barely any people trust the company. Sony tried to persuade people that the problem would be fixed, but I really don’t think that worked. To save their butts Sony had sent out news saying that all their info. on the users were encrypted so that the hacker (or unauthorized person) would be unable to view the information. Really Sony? Did you have to make up such an awful lie? Now people hate you even more. Nice going. Such an awful lie, wow.

Sony had said to improve their firewall and security from hackers by trying to keep higher surveillance and have programs to check the Playstation Network. With this I guess people could be convinced. Just hope that the programs aren’t going to be hacked. Sony has said to open back the Playstation Network up tomorrow so, for all you gamers and addicts. Tomorrow should be a party at your house for you Call of Duty: Black Ops. But remember when the Playstation Network opens back up tomorrow, don’t forget that you should change your password immediately!

Don’t take the word that it will certainly open back up tomorrow. With a big breach like this it may take a while for Sony to open back the PSN up. If it still doesn’t work then Sony has found another problem or another idea etc. After this big of a hack the date of when it will open back up can’t be confirmed for sure. I’m a big PSN fan, so I will also being await for this information. I’ll update this article if the PSN opens back up, so stay tuned.