Breaking News: Amazon’s Upcoming Tablet in November?

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Here we go again. This war will never stop will it? The latest robotpress says that Engadget and TechCrunch have revealed the new coming Amazon Tablet, in November. Are you kidding me?

Sources such as TechCrunch and Engadget have gotten out leaked information about Amazon’s tablet that they are still working on. It’s not the Kindle, and it is completely different, and Amazon is currently looking forward in using their own operating system.

It seems that TI (Texas Instruments) will be setting up the microprocessors, as usual. I believe that around the first quarter of 2012, Jeff Bezos has planned to start production of the tablets which will be about 10 in. It is to be said that a 7 inch slate will start production in October, which is next month, or could start the production in November. There are no confirmations about the software that it is running on though. I don’t believe that it will be running on Android Honeycomb or any sooner the Ice Cream Sandwich (Android).

Amazon’s tablet doesn’t seem to be a huge threat to Apple, but in some cases it can be. This tablet doesn’t intend to compete with Apple by being just like the iPad. Amazon seems to be trying out a newer idea, and we will just have to see what they are really going to do with this idea of theirs. Now their advantage is that this new tablet of theirs can do a few things, but probably some better e-reading. It’s better than the iPad in one word, size. It isn’t too big, neither is it too small. It is just the right size for people to throw in their bags on a train or read it in their flight. It isn’t something like an iPad 2, that seems to be like an overstretched iPod touch. It is just something that is small, light weight, and easy for people to handle it. That’s it. It’s that simple to use something like that. Throw it in you backpack and read a book at lunch. It’s just a new thought that people are ready for.

Well it seems that there are a lot of kindle readers, and once Amazon switches to this. It’s just going to be raining money for them. According the some rumors people believe that shipping will start in early October. That’s what THEY say. I don’t think that’s true at all though.

Like the old tv shows. I’m signing out as all of you tech people, stay tuned.




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