IBM’s New Computer Chip on A Human’s Brain Can Learn and Remember!

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If you’re having trouble on memorizing some answers for your upcoming exam. That’s not a problem! IBM’s new and latest computer chip can learn and remember them all on one silicon core. The new neurosynaptic chip can be placed in a brain , and has all the properties for it to learn and remember information in a single core.

The chip was built on a 45 nanometer silicon/metal oxide semiconductor platforms. One of these chips has 262,144 programming synapses ,and the other contains 65,536 learning synapses – which can learn from their own actions while doing motions, writing, or anything else that our human body does. The way IBM gets it to work is by using neurons to connect with the neurons and nerves on our brain. In this way the information can be exchanged and can be stored inside the memory core of the chip. Each one of the prototype chips has an okay amount of memory that is like an extra “boost” of memory that is added to our age.

“This new architecture represents a critical shift away from today’s traditional von Neumann computers, to extremely power-efficient architecture,” Dharmendra Modha, project leader for IBM Research, said in an interview. “It integrates memory with processors, and it is fundamentally massively parallel and distributed as well as event-driven, so it begins to rival the brain’s function, power and space.”

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This chip is just like our brain. It can change its mind and reconfigure the settings when you change your mind, or do something that you weren’t planning to do. This project is funded DARPA’s SyNAPSE, and has planned to have many future projects that can be much better and an advance closer to artificial intelligence. A cool part about this chip is that the memorizing part is very basic. When you do any motion or remember something, there is a flow of current to the chip and after the chip turns off, and turned back on, you have the memory because that same current flow is used again and is memorized by the chip. This is a way to keep memory. Many universities are still working on this project and are funding this project for further use and for trying many trial experiments with the chip.

In a way, this chip can be used in multiple ways. It could be the superpower chip of a computer, used for robots, such as ASIMO, a very hi-tech robot that can move and use it’s appendages to do all sorts of movements with a battery on the back. This chip could also be used for our very own human brain or even for helicopters with cameras. The iRobot (read article for more information) could also use this very important chip in military missions to memorize all the dangers it should be looking our for and all the treacherous areas from previous experiences to avoid them. Many of our robot technology could really use this to add a boost to the memory part, that can be a small problem to solve.

This research is a still-in-progress type of research, that are just trying out some prototypes. We will see for now, how to progress will go with the project and for the generation of all our newest technology.


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