An image of gameplay on Solipskier iOS.

For $0.99, Solipskier isn’t bad at all. Solipskier a game created and developed by Mikengreg. It’s a pretty nice game and I got it yesterday off the App store for my iPod touch. It actually seemed pretty cool on the computer and the iOS version just seemed to be better.

Solipskier is a simple game in which you’re a skier and you have to create slopes and ramps for you to jump off of them and do all sorts of stunts in the air. There are a gates that show some notifications on when they will pop up , and give you extra points if you pass through them. In the beginning, you will have some headphones with music, and when you get faster and faster, then you will eventually lose the headphones and keep skiing. If you want to play it online here’s the link :

The tunnels, that are part of the game gives you a lot of points when you dash through every single one picking up more and more speed. Solipskier has some cool graphics too. When you get faster and faster and start to do amazing tricks you’ll start to pick-up a rainbow , and if you keep doing tricks you’ll have the rainbow and when you lose it you’ll get a ton of points. Trust me I have seen highscores before, 75 billion. Wow, that’s a lot of work.

Solipskier is currently on a 66% sale on the App store, so all people with iOS devices should get Solipskier before it’s too late! If you’re one of those people who get bored a lot, I think Solipskier is an app that you could use to kill time. I guess you could say it’s a better Line Rider. So get Solipskier while you can.


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