Suse Studio: The best way to make your own operating system!


Sorry for the big break, but this website was shut down for a wail due to a big maintanience break. Now to the point. Are you someone who hates programming and wants to find a way to create your own operating system? I think there’s a solution to that.

Novell has created things for your schools security and now they have made something that can help you create an operating system within your own web browser! Just sign in and begin to create your own OS. Just add you programs that you want to be pre-installed and then configure you settings within the network and other things and then you’re set. You have created your own operating system.

I, myself, have tried to create my own OS by taking my time with various programs until I had finally found Suse Studio. I then became setting off of script working and use this program to create my own Linux based OS. You can find this at

I have created an Operating System and have been working on the Kiwi OS and Luminous OS. Both are based on different platforms where one in on JeOS and the other is on a GNOME platform. Both are based on a Linux platform and are really cool. I’ll put the download for Kiwi OS soon on the downloads page so don’t forget to check it out.


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