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Suse Studio: The best way to make your own operating system!


Sorry for the big break, but this website was shut down for a wail due to a big maintanience break. Now to the point. Are you someone who hates programming and wants to find a way to create your own operating system? I think there’s a solution to that.

Novell has created things for your schools security and now they have made something that can help you create an operating system within your own web browser! Just sign in and begin to create your own OS. Just add you programs that you want to be pre-installed and then configure you settings within the network and other things and then you’re set. You have created your own operating system.

I, myself, have tried to create my own OS by taking my time with various programs until I had finally found Suse Studio. I then became setting off of script working and use this program to create my own Linux based OS. You can find this at

I have created an Operating System and have been working on the Kiwi OS and Luminous OS. Both are based on different platforms where one in on JeOS and the other is on a GNOME platform. Both are based on a Linux platform and are really cool. I’ll put the download for Kiwi OS soon on the downloads page so don’t forget to check it out.

MW3: Modern Warfare 3! AR3 YOU R3ADY?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s recent poster for the promotion of the game.

The biggest Call of Duty franchise has once again done it. It’s new hit sequel to it’s blockbuster Modern Warfare 2, Modern Warefare 3, will be the next big thing for all gamers. I’m predicting that this will probably become the greatest game to make a record to beat Call of Duty: Black Ops. Modern Warfare 3 is now ready for all sorts of action packed fun and everyone is ready for it.

As said later last week, Activision and Infinity Ward sent out news for pre-orders for the new games. Within the next day already half the country had pre-ordered the game. That was fast. Not much people are ready to pre-order the game until the game really comes out on November 8th, 2011, and when reviews are to be released for the game. Everyone is just waiting and waiting until the game finally comes out.

This isn’t the best part of just the game. Activision had taken it another step. Check out Call of Duty: Elite. An online game service to check maps, guns , and everything else. Right know it’s in the beta testing mode so don’t get too excited about it. You can currently go and check this out at It is a really cool beta and has some really great features along with the game too.

MW3 is also coming with some more action packed features to feed off of Modern Warfare 2. Here you’re in the situation of a the same person from MW2 (forgot his name), but here you’re in the situation of a big war where USA is involved of being bombed in some of it’s cities. Germany, France, and England are in the stage of war. That’s pretty much all the teasers and trailers tell us. There’s nothing else we know from this game. Get ready guys for a ride that will take you into some deep, deep, addicting gaming for probably the rest of your year.


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