PSN Network: Newest Update! Opening up on May 31st!

Well if you haven’t heard, PSN Network is still down and it had been down for a few weeks starting from April 16-17th. Well lets see who would do it. If you guys have heard of geohot, the greatest hacker who jailbroke the iPod touch and the PS3, he was under lawsuit for hacking the PS3. Wha-bam! Right there the hackers could have gotten the opportunity to hack into the Playstation Network. With all of Sony faced on the lawsuit the hackers got to get access into easy hacking on the PSN Network. Don’t take every word I said because this is just my hypothesis.

Recent update: So far Sony hasn’t really sent out an update when they’ll come back up since this was one of the worst cyber attacks in history. Well Sony deserves this. You sue a guy for jailbreaking your PS3  and you sue him. He didn’t really do anything illegal, he just let you run 3rd party applications basically just like the iPod touch/iPhone 4 ,but Apple didn’t sue him did they? Honestly you can’t sue anyone when they don’t do anything like hack the PSN Network.

5/11/11 UPDATE!: Sony recently just announced that they will open PSN Network back up on May 31st. They apologize for this big crash and have promised to give free Playstation Plus services free for 30 days or more! They have also promised 2-3 games that they will give to you when they open back up on the 31st of May. They  have found the security breach and have believed that Anonymous had planned this type of cyber attack to Sony’s biggest systems. Anonymous has denied the attack but Sony refuses to hear anything like that. This may be a brink of a cyber war between the boom boom company to the small team of hackers known as Anonymous.

You can make a decision. People have already started to quit using PS3 and have traded them for XBOX 360’s and other things so they can keep up with their gaming. Now will you continue to use the PS3 which has already lost a lot of trust or will you continue to give up on the PS3 and go with something else? (Well if you ask me, I’m sticking with the PS3 because I want a bunch of free stuff for a really long time! I’m going to take up all my 180 GB with Playstation Plus stuff!)

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  1. U might need to fix this they said theyll try to get it up in a few days

  2. Yeah thanks for the feedback, chafe. I kinda of noticed that when I looked at the article thanks for the comment though!

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