PSN Network Exclusive: Who Did It? What’s Next for Sony and other Companies?

Sony is currently fixing the problem for the security breach so all you gamers don’t worry. It’s coming up soon ,but not anytime  soon. Here’s the main question. Who did it? Who planned this secret cyber attack against Sony? This can be stated as computer terrorism in my notion. Who would do it? Well in latest news officials have found some people who might be involved in this type of case or can be known as ‘Anonymous’ pretty typical for a hacker. The group denied the hacking for Sony ,but Sony doesn’t want to believe it. People say that the breach could have been done when GeoHot hacked into the PS3 and jailbroke it. That is pretty tactical, using GeoHot as  a distraction and then just hacked into the Playstation Network. That’s cunning and clever at the same time. The group or known as ‘Anonymous’ says that they had nothing to do with this and protest against the accusations against them.

Sony’s recent news on the Playstation Network is that it’s still under maintenance. Well I kinda wonder how long that is going to take because I’ve been waiting half a month to get some new demos and play Black Ops or 2K 11 on my PS3. Every time I log in, the top always says that an error occurred and I was signed out of PSN. ‘Sigh’, how long is this going to take to fix this. Sony just sue that group and do something. Just open up the PSN. Sometimes I now wonder whether if Sony should make a trophy saying, “Great Job! You survived half a month of no PSN!”. Wow. That’s pretty sad. But guys don’t worry PSN Network will open up in no time. You shouldn’t worry about any more problems and you should enjoy you’re 30+ days of Playstation Plus and other premium and exclusive stuff for free.

Now that Sony has been hacked out of it’s guts, what’s next for other companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and even banks? Now that people can hack into PSN and get credit card info. Will banks also be a target? Money can be hacked into and be transfered out of the bank. What about iTunes that best music electronic seller. iTunes has invested Apple millions and millions of dollars. What is going to happen to them? Will they even get the same problem. This is like an alert for all the companies out there to start improving security into ways that computers can’t hack them only personally. For all gives, companies should completely change their security so that the hackers will have a hard time hacking into anything else. Companies like Microsoft need to put big barriers across their company because remember. Xbox Live is powered from Microsoft. If this is attacked next then I guess pretty much most of the gaming will be gone except the Nintendo Store with the Wii which will probably be next. Alert to all companies, change your security before online gaming becomes extinct!!

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  1. Fun fact, it’s geohot, not GeoHot. And you can always make your own Np environment, so yeah.

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