PSN Network Service Not Coming Any Time Soon!

Sony had finally announced that they wouldn’t open the Playstation Network any sooner. Sony admits the hack had taken a lot of credit card information and other personal information of users. The counter is ticking up as more credit card information is being taken by the hackers. The unknown hackers had supposedly hacked into the Playstation Network with unauthorized information which breached into the network and all information was spilled out like water rushing from a broken dam. Sony assures that nothing that bad will happen but still advises all users who gave credit card information to shut down their credit cards. Though most people have done so, personal information has also been leaked which can give away social security numbers and other things.

Sony announced that they would still not open the Playstation Network until the problem had been fixed, who did it, and fix the infrastructure of the PSN. Many players have still been upset after this happening and have been suing Sony, which is a loss of billions and billions of dollars for Sony. Check the stocks for Sony. I assure you that they won’t be even good.

As of today Sony had announced on the Playstation Blog that they had started the restoration and will take a while. With the network infrastructure still at fix the fix will probably take a while. Sony had previously announced that they would open up again on the 3rd of May, but with more information being stolen, Sony had to shut down and work on the problem again. To my estimate it will probably take a week, and right now I’m dying to play Black Ops online so I’m also waiting for some new updates on the Playstation Network.

Sony had also decided to give free stuff during this period to users who use the Playstation Network. After the PSN opens back up, users will be able to get free 30 days of Playstation Plus service and more premium service for about a month. So now you have to decide on what to do with that. Latest news says that Sony won’t open up any soon even with engineers working on it 24/7 for us.

You can vote on this poll on what you will do. Will you continue to use the Playstation Network or will you just ditch it?


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