Finally, I Can See the Light!

I can see it, I can finally see the light! The dark and gloominess of the blind side has finally been light up with a new discovery. For once blindness finally has a cure. Scientists have finally found a cure to blindness by conducting many tests. There are now 2 ways for the cure to this hardship. 1: The right gene. Having the right gene to get the eyes working again was one solution to cure the blindness. Another way was to remove the stem cells of the eyes and then let it reproduce and get it working again and then insert it back into the patients eyes. This was probably the best cure, because you repaired something that was broken for a long time. Within weeks patients would be able to see again. Just imagine that, Helen Keller! We can finally let you see. Just the problem is that the deaf problem won’t be fixed, I’m sorry about that.

The eureka moment was great for the scientists that had had this notion for this problem. Finding out what is making the problem is probably the first step in the cure. The idea. Then comes in the action. After that is the testing. And then finally, there is the conclusion. The blind now have a cure. Once the stem cells or the gene is inserted back into you eye. You won’t immediately get you sight back , but you’ll get it in a few steps. First, the identification of the shape. Then the specifics of the shape. Then finally, we have the color the fills up the shape. This will probably take from days to weeks.

The process will take a while as the stem cells repair the eye or as the gene fits in place and fixes up the retina and cornea. Once that process has been completed then you can finally see. Yeah, it’s feels good to see again. Just imagine all those other projects that companies and colleges have worked on, creating instruments to help your hearing and sight. Now all that stuff is pretty much useless unless you’re a billionaire that has enough money for this type of treatment!


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  1. Stem cells may prove to be the solution to many ills over the next few decades. Let’s hope so!

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