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Technology: The Future for 3D

In my recent experiences with the Samsung 3D TV with those glasses. I didn’t really like it. Let me reason why. For one fact using those glasses can give you eye strain and I’m really not used to watching 3D all the time so if you take off the glasses it looks all blurry. While using the glasses, your eyes tingle because you’re not used to it. I was sitting down with my dad’s friend and watched a FIFA game with those Samsung 3D TV glasses and the whole game wasn’t even clear. Also it took a REALLY long time for my eyes to get used to it. For one part the future for 3D TVs etc. is very unclear for the future.

People are more used to 2D and yet if we change to 3D, it won’t be that easy to do. Though the good part about is that more people want this type of technology for entertainment. Especially the 3D TVs without glasses. For one part, using 3D can strain your eyes giving you BIG, BIG headaches. We need to find a solution for that. It won’t be easy because our vision can see 3D but not all around without moving. When it comes to watching TV with 3D effects our eyes only take it as the X and Y coordinates. Not X,Y, and Z. For one fact we can’t just use both 2D and 3D for our lives. We have to choose one and stick to it, or our eyes just might go BAD. Even TV companies have given out notice to never watch 3D TV if you don’t feel good or if you’re drunk. It just might turn your life completely upside down. Go to:

Enough with the cons lets go to the pros. Making a 3D TV is a BIG accomplishment in Technology and will affect the future thinking about the use of holograms. Major companies have started the production for 3D pictures too. Just imagine 3D pictures. We could use those to stop thieves and other problems in the world. We could find the license plate of a car that has been stolen. Maybe even 3D recording can come into place. With all that guess what all the things that could be used for good or misuse. Sony has even also started a project of a 3D camera that literally captures the full 3D of an object. You can even look around the object that you focused on. Another thing is that you can view it with 3D glasses. This should be a major leap in technology. The Future for 3D is pretty much unpredictable. With people who prefer and people who don’t prefer it. Chances are 3D won’t live that long, but if it dominates our technology then we will have no choice ,but to follow it to the future.

Let’s go back to opinion. After the new release of the Nintendo 3DS, i’m guessing that if this can keep up, then 3D will be the next generation for us. 3D movies have already made a biggie, but now having one at your house or maybe everyday? That makes a big, big difference for us. There’s pretty much nothing we can do to stop innovation and the evolution of the future, but for one thing that I know 3D devices and TVs will pretty much have control over the Tech. world. With already a big progress for the future I’m sure that 3D will be new type of hype in the future.

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Technology: The 3D Printer (Think of the Future!)

Have you ever wondered about having a printer that will print 3D objects for you? Suppose you bought this sculpture that you wanted now. You could use the 3D printer and you would get it in your hands instantly! The new 3D printer is being developed right now! The fist 3D printer was built in 1984, but it wasn’t that great. Now scientists are developing a more advanced type of a 3D printer. The Objet Connex is the new type of 3D printer that is currently being developed by scientists. The Objet Connex is a complex 3D printer that can print 2 things at the same time. It is being used to fabricate models of bones etc. for medical colleges and students. An MIT student is using the printer to construct a working flute with moving hinges etc.

The use of the 3D printer, will bring great success in the future for people to use it for many different things. Just think and imagine all the things that would be useful with this printer. What about a 4-D printer? A printer that can make 3D objects move back and forth in the fourth dimension of the universe of physics: Time. If we are able to create a 4-D printer like that. I don’t know how much work that would save. Especially in military uses.

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Technology: The new Nintendo 3DS!

The latest new gadget for the future has finally arrived. Predicted to be the greatest handheld game console of all time the new Nintendo 3DS has players perched for the arrival of it’s new games. Though pricey, Nintendo pulled off a great idea once again to grab people on a look of the new gaming system. Is this really that good though? Having 3D view in glasses is quite interesting, but now without any glasses? What on earth is going to happen to our eyes. Though the cons can be that is quite pricey, but now the Health problem comes in priority. Kids under the age of 6 cannot use this game system due to eye development. Which means if your <6 then no 3DS for you! More glasses is another result. After the release of the 3DS, companies have planned release for games soon.

The new game system that might make history in all of technology has a price of $250! People could rather bye a Playstation 3 game console for that price off of Ebay!  The new 3D interface will make it much, much more fun to use other than just playing games. Nintendo has made a brilliant idea with the user interaction to make it much more user friendly for people to use. Again every new system has some problems. Here’s a major one. The 3DS has 3-5 hours of 3D game play, while the DSi has 9-14 and the DS Lite has 14-19 hours of game play. If you ever get bored on the airplane bring you 3DS in which it has plenty of thing to do, with better camera and customizable Mii’s just like using the Nintendo Wii, but portable and better. But just don’t forget one thing on the plane… you’re charger in which there are outlets in the restrooms from my experience on Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Delta (never go on Delta!!!). If you ever feel left out without the 3DS, trust me… there’s no point of having a $250 game console that only allows 3-5 hours of game play. That is the worst amount of hour game play I have ever seen in my entire life. Though the 3DS is really fun especially without the glasses. But $250 is worth to play 3D games (other than battery) without glasses, and with top notch gaming.

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