The Path of the iPhone Generation. What’s next?

The first television, the first computer, the first program, the first internet, the first OS system, the first media device, the first ever smartphone. Then, there’s the first ever iPhone. Wow. If you sit back and look at that timeline you’ll be amazed. Humans are smart. We can do all sorts of things. From the first human to the first ever iPhone. The first ever iPhone was released just in 2007. It wan’t just soda that was cool. It popped and fizzed on it’s very first arrival to the world. The people behind it: Apple Co.. The company that was once just sitting down and creating computers had created this. This revolutionized the Apple market. From computers to phones and media devices. Next there will the holographic TV and after that….god knows. The iPhone, the iPhone 2, the iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS (OR 3.5), then finally the iPhone 4. Trust me there will be a iPhone 17GS by the time I’m even in college. So much has happened in all these years. It’s hard to even talk about what is even going around with Apple.

The first release of the iPhone brought in AT&T’s interest. This is what Randall F. Stephenson (CEO of AT&T) though, “I’m going to beat you in signing that $%$^ contract Verizon! After I sign this you’ll be screwed and I’ll buy you just like what I did to Cingular, they never lived after our domination!”. Verizon: ” Woah  hey there Mr. Stephenson calm down the world is not going to end, K? You signed that contract happy?” That’s what kinda happened there, but anyway Verizon signed a contract in February 2011 with Apple. Both carriers made a lot, but after Verizon was a carrier, more and more and more people bought the iPhone 4. I guess that saying was right, “2 heads are better than one”, well for Apple at least.

The new iPhone is really attractive ,but lately some people are still having trouble with the signals. The new iPhone 4’s engineering put in the signals on the border of the metal outlining. Well, people while holding the phone have been blocking that signal so all the calls are being dropped. Apple solved that with giving out free bumper cases for the recent edition. The fixed the problem later on with new editions of the model. With all the cool gadgets, Apple is making cash with spendthrifts money. Apple has really, really low security on their device. Have you seen a BlackBerry hacked, no. All of Apple’s devices has had low security due to all the cool features. People could easily hack into your device and get some information about you, or you could just jailbreak your device. Apple has lost A LOT of money just because of this one reason. The company that should’ve been making money in billions of dollars, is only making millions due to jailbreaking and getting apps and other features for free through cracking and leaking out a bunch of information. If you haven’t also noticed multitasking is probably (I would say) the worst type of feature. For one part a lot of RAM space is being taken over by just this multitasking and it’s slow, bugging and really really weird. If you haven’t heard all ready the BlackBerry Playbook is new competition with the iPad with amazing features and great multitasking. Back to the subject. The iPhone doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Just some new features and attractive looks that all people think of. NOT RECOMMENDED.

Apple just has some horrible security. Just to tell you, before the iPhone 4 ever came out. It was already leaked into the internet. Horrible for Apple because after the leaked information people already knew how it would look like and the features. Just imagine, it’s like Steve Jobs on his iPhone Expo and he is like, “We have finally come to a point where we have a phone with retina display and amazing graphics, with a new look. It’s the iPhone 4!!!” Audience: “‘chirp’ ‘chirp’ We’ve already heard of it!” That’s pretty sad because there is not suspense in that at all. Even after that people knew how the new iPod touch was going to look!

Although Apple has all those disadvantages. The money is what their even here for. Apple probably created FaceTime so it could persuade you to buy a new Apple device. If you haven’t heard of it. FaceTime is this new app that Apple created so that you could call friends who have  the new iPod touch or iPhone and you could use the camera to communicate. All really cool! Requirements: iPhone 4 or new iPod touch. Wow. That could a lot of people’s attentions. Including some of my friends. “WOW! I could call all my friends and use the camera that’s sweet!” Oops you forget the “requirements”. That’s a pretty good market strategy for Apple though. I have to give that to them.

With the years to come bye Apple should still have a tank full of ideas to be used. I just hope that there is enough for this company to stay alive.


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  1. No time to give a thoughtful reply at the moment but I do want to tell you that I’m happy you gave credit to Apple for some of your information!

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