Hands on the new iPad 2! It’s cool!

Yesterday, I goot bored in the mall so I decided to have a little break. After walking and waiting @ stores, I decided to kill some time at the Apple Store. Barely any people were there (morning XD ), so I got the chance to try out the iPad 2. I don’t really like the iPad regularly because of the idea, but to all you Apple haters. You guys are dumb if you don’t even get your hands on the iPad 2!

For one fact, it’s lightweight, so Apple didn’t lie about that. I just hope it’s not so lightweight that it’ll get blown away! Trust me, I’ve seen that happen before. The cameras are OK and I guess it’s like a portable Mac. The iPad has many features including new games and new looks. It’s much more slimmer and they used this new chip, (I don’t really care about that). At first when I saw the commercials, I was like: “……………….” , because it didn’t get me attention. One question on the commercials. Why are the hands and fingers like robots. It’s always like one straight finger sticking out and scrolling the pages. This iPad 2 though was really different. It felt like I was holding a Mac that was portable. Here’s the good part, jailbreaking your devices is now legal (has been for a while):Ā http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/07/feds-ok-iphone-jailbreaking/ . If you see this article, you’ll being laughing your lungs out of your nostrils (horrible idiom! :P)

Hacking the iPad 2 will give you great features. You pretty much save money on buying a real Mac. Other than that it has great features and it proves a new generation for us as we go into the future, every second and every minute of the day. The iPad 2 is pretty cool ,but one of the things I don’t like about it is that they say “iPad 2”. They should cross out the -2- . So, I stood there and used the iPad 2 for like 25 minutes and watched the great graphics and messed around with some of the apps. One thing that I think is cool though is some of the apps. With a big screen, eBooks and other educational apps are really easy to use right now though iBooks is not making a lot of money. It could be a good study tool, but you get get goofed off because of all the multitasking and other fun things that you could do with it.

The case that Apple had made for the iPad 2 is great. It’s foldable so it can be a holder for your iPad 2. See how annoying it is to say ‘iPad 2’ instead of iPad. FaceTime, another great built-in app from Apple. It’s a way to communicate with your friends using an Apple device with your cameras on any Apple device. (At least the ones with the cameras!) Now, it’s much more faster and has a lot of battery. I think it’s like 10 hours of great playing! Don’t forget the internet. Wi-Fi, AT&T, or Verizon. You choose, 3G or Wi-Fi.

Here’s the disadvantages. For one thing we now is that it’s very fun and exciting to use, but the price for just 16 GB is $499! That’s A LOT. I think that a 32 GB iPod Touch 4g would be worth the price for that. Another problem is with the eBooks. We have to choose one. Print or eBooks. In this generation of me (’99 and ’98 and below) and other students, teachers, etc. out their. It’ll probably be print. It’s not easy to just read textbooks of your iPad.. 2! 1. You get eye strain, playing with good quality with bad eyes, doesn’t work. 2. People are much more used to reading things that are in print because we were born with that habit! I even hate reading an article online sometimes!

Everything is pretty cool with the iPad…2! But I don’t see the point of it. Here’s the basic thing: it’s just an over stretched iPhone/iPod touch with just a few more features. Apple is now just waiting for this epiphany. They’re kinda out of fuel right now. šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜› šŸ˜›

I would rather buy the 3DS with my allowance!

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  1. Last weekend when I was waiting at the Apple store a “Genius” told me that the iPad is basically a giant Touch. Looks like you and he agree!

    At this point, with a MacBook and an iPhone already, it seems to me that an iPad would just be an extra piece of equipment with a hefty price tag.

  2. Yeah, I think the iPad is an overstretched iPod touch to be honest! Apple products, I think, are not really for the people who are really into the technology business. It’s for for the gadget type of person. So I agree that it’s just a piece of extra equipment that you have to be responsible of. šŸ™‚

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