The Mac is one of the greatest computers of all time made by Apple. But it wasn’t the first though. It’s major rival: Microsoft Windows. Microsoft was created by Bill Gates and he created the first operating system computer in the world. Steve Jobs then followed him and competed with him with the idea of the Mac and Mac OS X. The Battle was on.

Both companies had many products and yet one of the most successful for Apple would be their generation for the iPhone and Mac. With Windows the best known would be the computer. Microsoft’s other products couldn’t compete with Apple. You’ve probably seen those cartoons with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates right? Yeah, there such good friends. LOL. That’s in you world bub. If you ever come across something like that. DON’T TRUST IT.

The Mac is cool and has a lot of good features. But what are the odds you have a Mac at school to use? 😛 The odds are like 1/100,000,000,000. For right now you’re lucky to have a Mac at school. Windows is much better in 2 ways. 1, it’s really easy to use. 2. most people use it. Have you ever watched commercials between Spongebob Squarepants? Do you ever notice that if people ever show a website, it’s always a Mac using Safari. “Go to, and get a free house and much more……. :P”. What’s being used?: A Mac.

Have you ever watched iCarly. Trivia: What computer company is their computer brand related to? Answer: iCarly uses the idea of “Pear”. Which relates to Apple. Pear, Apple, what’s the difference. Their still fruits that grow from a tree. What about Orange? Apple so far has dominated the stands of entertainment shows and commercials. You should be like the smartest person in the world if you ever notice a Windows being used in a commercial.

Here the good things about the Mac though. It attracts people. Hey, you are basically a “cool guy”. I still use a Windows and I’m a horrible technician with the Mac. There is still one guy that I know that I think is the best with computers: Jay Purohit. I’m a “OK” with the Mac. I mean I can use the software and other things ,but I’m not the best using the other features. With the years to come, unless Windows comes up with an idea to stay alive in this war. There’s only one word I can say: “You’re screwed.” Well maybe 2-3 words, but you get the point.

I still thin that Windows can hang on because of it’s dealers. I mean, Sony, Dell, and many other companies, have supported the Windows operating systems. If you look at the Mac, the only company with the Mac supporting is Apple. “Pssshhh……….”,but still they still have like a LOT of people buying it. But with companies buying the software from Microsoft. Microsoft is still top of the game, with Apple hanging around right behind them.

If you look at the technical things. Only a few softwares that are famous on the Windows are limited on the Mac. If you want things like Visual Basic etc. You pretty much can’t do it. Windows still has a bunch of great softwares the Mac doesn’t support, but it’s the same thing for the Mac. It has great softwares that Windows doesn’t support at all. I guess I’ll be sitting here on my computer watching for the rest of my life seeing who’ll win this monopoly and take over. Maybe until some another operating system comes in.




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