Technology: The 3D Printer (Think of the Future!)

Have you ever wondered about having a printer that will print 3D objects for you? Suppose you bought this sculpture that you wanted now. You could use the 3D printer and you would get it in your hands instantly! The new 3D printer is being developed right now! The fist 3D printer was built in 1984, but it wasn’t that great. Now scientists are developing a more advanced type of a 3D printer. The Objet Connex is the new type of 3D printer that is currently being developed by scientists. The Objet Connex is a complex 3D printer that can print 2 things at the same time. It is being used to fabricate models of bones etc. for medical colleges and students. An MIT student is using the printer to construct a working flute with moving hinges etc.

The use of the 3D printer, will bring great success in the future for people to use it for many different things. Just think and imagine all the things that would be useful with this printer. What about a 4-D printer? A printer that can make 3D objects move back and forth in the fourth dimension of the universe of physics: Time. If we are able to create a 4-D printer like that. I don’t know how much work that would save. Especially in military uses.

Give a comment for this article on how I could improve and also give me a comment on what other uses we could use this printer for.


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